We treat your shirts with the utmost care and respect- right from the moment it arrives at our facility. Your shirt goes through a careful inspection process where we check and repair the issues like missing buttons, crinkled collars, crumpled cuffs and anything else that affects its visual elegance.

Using gentle yet effective hand scrubbing process we carefully remove tough stains, dirt, and oil. Your shirt then goes through an elaborate cleaning process on our sophisticated and fabric-friendly equipment to guarantee a high standard of cleaning and finishing. We carefully hand press each shirt to ensure the crispy look.

As a fast-growing brand in the dry cleaning industry, Customer satisfaction is our prime motto. So we have developed a 5-point quality check system to ensure that our service quality lives up to your expectations.

In short, we don’t merely clean your shirts but infuse a new life into it with a crisp look, agile appeal and sharply ironed creases that offer you a perfect corporate look that inspires respect.