Rugs and carpets silently lift the luxury quotient of your house and play an important role in turning a simple house into a cozy, beautiful home but what they get in return? We and our guests trample over them- sometimes with our footwear on. Overfoaming champagne, bread crumbs and particles of oily food contribute their bit in distorting its appeal. Besides, there is a huge list of other offenders like dirt, soils, pet danders, water and what not! Over some time, a thick layer of dirt and stains is built that robs your rugs of its original luxurious appeal. Dirt and dust can also break down the fibers of your expensive carpet. So, it is advisable to get your carpets cleaned at least once a year.

We have recruited some of the best carpet cleaning professionals who specialize in cleaning different types of rugs and carpets like Oriental, Modern, Persian, Turkish and more. Depending upon your preference and convenience we can offer onsite cleaning as well as picking up the carpets from your home and cleaning them using advanced techniques at our facility. Once it is cleaned we would return it to you at your doorstep.