Wedding gown reminds you of your most memorable day and cherished moments that remain forever young in your mind. Just like your “Big day’s” feelings, the wedding gown should also retain its youthful charm- forever. For that, you can always rely on our expert wedding gown services. We are your one-stop solution for cleaning, restoring and preserving your wedding gown.

Just like your wedding affair, your wedding attire is equally elaborate and thus needs utmost care. Whether the overflowing glass of wine spoiled your bodice or your wedding gown trailed behind you picking the dust and particles on the floor- we have a precise and safe cleaning method to restore the original look and shine of your wedding gown.

Your wedding dress is not just a piece of garment but a legacy that you would love to hand over to your coming generations. So we also offer premium wedding gown preservation services by wrapping them with an acid-free, fabric-friendly paper and storing it in a vacuum-sealed container to effectively protect your gown from aging over the period.

Using customized cleaning services we offer an individual treatment to each wedding gown to suit it specifically built fabric, design, and color. Respecting your special emotional bond with your wedding gown and considerate of the fact that you can only have one wedding gown that can never be replaced, we further intensify the care and attention during our wedding gown restoration services and employ best quality checking standards. Once the process is over the wedding gown is hand pressed to perfection using traditional methods to restore its fluffiness, curves and supple appeal.