We offer you expert leather and suede cleaning services rendered meticulously by seasoned staff. Our end to end Leather and Suede cleaning services include cleaning, repairing & restoration, conditioning and various other processes needed to give your leather and suede clothing a refreshing, brilliant look with a perfect shining finish.

The natural oil of the leather offers it the flexibility and softness along with a visually elegant appeal. With time the natural oil starts drying up, eventually cracking the leather and thus diminishing the elegance of your leather garments and accessories. Suede and leather conditioning is the special process to replenish the natural leather oil content and restore your garments and accessories to their original form.

For the best looks and longer life span, it is recommended to get your leather and suede garments conditioning at least once in every 2 years.

Leather and suede cleaning needs an elaborate process with the utmost care and attention. We cannot use the routine cleaning materials or processes for your leather and suede clothing as that can acutely hurt these materials. That’s why we employ sophisticated PH balanced cleaning aids, advanced purpose-built equipment and specially trained manpower to clean and restore your Suede and leather materials.

The conditioning process needs a high amount of care, precision, and experience- something that many modern dry cleaners have sacrificed in the favor of fast-track processes that internally harm your leather garment and make them degenerate faster. At North York’s Premium Dry Cleaners, we use a fine blend of sophisticated equipment and a well-defined traditional conditioning process which not only makes your leathers supple and soft but also offers them longevity.

Employing best-in-class equipment, deep expertise and highest standards of craftsmanship, our professional leather, and suede cleaning technicians remove the toughest stains without hurting your leather clothing. Along with cleaning we also offer repairing, conditioning, and restoration services to give your leather garments the premium looks that will turn the heads.

Our deep experience and keen expertise in leather and suede garment restoration make us eligible to precisely fix any issue- right from dry cleaning and conditioning to seamlessly repairing scratched leather garments. We not only restore your leather garments but return them their original elegance and suppleness. In short, we make your leather garments look and feel much younger and delay the aging process. Younger garments, younger you!