Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

At North York’s Premium Dry Cleaners, we believe that dry cleaning is an art that needs to be done with respect. That’s why we give a premium treatment to every garment that comes to our facility.

We meticulously expunge the grime, dust and other particles with the help of our purpose-built equipment and cleaning materials of high grade.

Our multi-step cleaning procedure makes sure that the garment should regain its original charm and appeal by restoring its shape to the perfect condition. Moreover, the frequent inspection between each phase ensures that the work has been done to perfection.

Depending upon the fabric, threads and make, each garment has unique dry cleaning requirements. So, we offer individual cleaning treatment to every garment. Employing the time-tested dry cleaning techniques our seasoned professionals seamlessly clean your garments, give them a new sheen and restore them to the original dimensions.

We strongly believe that the environment should not be harmed during the dry cleaning process and that’s why we use only the environment-friendly techniques and ingredients that are equally safe for clothes and nature.