Every single cloth in your wardrobe requires proper care and good handling because we are going to save their life for long. Clothes are very sensitive to open air, moisture, light, temperature, heat and bacteria present in atmosphere which continues to contribute widely in shortening the life span of your textiles. Sometimes clothes are affected by human made factors too, there are a lot of reasons why we are unable to take care of our textiles and we forget to dry clean it and we use harmful detergents which is unknowingly affecting our textiles.
Fabrics of your textiles define you so don’t let it suffer.
We have different materials in textiles like silk, wool, cotton, leather, linen and more. We need to protect them from mishandling. Clothes require dry cleaning and laundry to increase the life of your textile and remove all the hurdles by keeping your memories for long time.
Textiles include dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, wedding gowns, shoes, jackets, blankets and many more, by dry cleaning it you are saving the time and efforts of keeping the clothes with you in your wardrobe neatly.
For Silk, you need to take extra care like
  • Do not wash them frequently
  • Ironing the silk clothes can burn the fabric so make sure when you iron it then reverse the side of the cloth to prevent it from heating.
  • Use some gentle soaps to wash
  • Dry clean your silk contents and packed it nicely in a newspaper to avoid lumps.
For Wool Clothes,
  • Avoid frequent washing of wool clothes like jackets , coats because it will shorten the life of clothes
  • You can use ‘Naphthalene balls’ to prevent your wool clothes from the risk to damage of your clothes by fungus and store it where temperature is not too high.
  • Use specially made wool detergent to get the fabric clean and fresh.
  • Wool clothes are to be kept with extra care because it is a delicate fabric.
For Cotton Clothes,
  • You can use ‘Starch’ available in the market to gently clean your cotton clothes and it keeps your clothes new and standby.
  • Some cotton stuff is very delicate; it can be stretch by washing frequently.
  • Avoid drying cotton clothes frequently.
  • Any good detergent can be used to wash cotton.
  • It can be easily laundered.
For Leather,
  • Leathers are always in trend whether it is summers or winters but there are few things you need to be careful at:
*Pure leather never fades away easily in a short while and you can make it dry clean by a good and reputable dry cleaner.
  • Leather from the jackets sometimes starts removing due to dirtiness, so keep your item ready for dry clean before it’s too late.
  • Do not use shoe polish on leather clothing because it will lose the color and finishing of the work on the clothes.
  • Make sure you store your leather contents together, do not combine it with other clothes.