Along with offering a delicate look to your home drapery items play a vital role in saving you from the extremities of climate- keeping you warm during biting cold and save us from scorching heat during summers. Additionally, they also play a role in saving us from pollution and dust. In the process of shielding us the drapery is subjected to different extremities like cooking fume, sharp sunlight, dust, heat and more. So, you need to restore them from time to time if you wish your drapery to continue protecting you and beautifying your house with graceful appeal.

At North York’s Premium Dry Cleaners, we offer reliable drapery cleaning services. All drapes are carefully inspected before cleaning for stains. Drapes cleaned on-site at your home are done so using the sophisticated system, which is both environmentally friendly and non-toxic. To keep your curtains and drapes looking their best and to prolong their life, we recommend that you professionally clean your draperies at least every two years.

We carefully inspect your drapes for assessing the level of cleanliness it requires depending upon its fabric and condition. Using specially selected methods and ultramodern equipment our talented professionals carefully clean your drapery employing a detailed yet careful process. We also ensure the phase to phase monitoring to guarantee the highest quality standard and utmost satisfaction. We not only clean your drapery but revitalize them to guard you more efficiently against changing climate and dust.